Bondi's Wav Page : Introduction:

Welcome to Bondi's Wav Page.

This site is for anyone with a sneeze fetish, obviously, given the pictures on this page. If you've been around a while, you know the deal. If you are a newbie who is just finding out about the wonderful world of Internet sneezing, perhaps for the first time, then welcome aboard, look around, and I hope you enjoy yourself. Here at Bondi's Wav Page, I have a nice wide variety of audio files of people (both male and female--whichever one you're into) sneezing their heads off. I've got several hundred megabytes of material--enough to keep you busy for a very long time. And I'm getting more and more donations all the time, so you can expect frequent updates. Along with wavs, you can read my collection of stories (mostly female sneezing, though I have had a couple stories that contained some male sneezing), and also my self-observations (which are male, seeing as I am male) as well.

Or perhaps you're not a sneeze fetishist and are just wandering about from somewhere, but this has somehow caught your attention for whatever reason. Not to worry, I have a FAQ section that should hopefully explain quite a bit about this fetish (something that fetishists should take the time to read as well, as it also has various questions regarding how this site works, too). I also have a Manifesto, which I wrote on June 2001, which should explain how this fetish affects my life and my own views on the sneeze fetish overall. Of course, you can read the FAQ and my Manifesto even if you have the fetish--and I greatly encourage you to do so.

And once you're done here, be sure to click on the links to the left, below the navigation menu, to check out all the other wonderful sneeze fetish sites out there, each one great in its own way.

I would like to thank Trixie for hosting Bondi's Wav Page, as if it weren't for her, the site would have died a long time ago. She enabled me to continue, and I greatly appreciate her help and generosity and everything she's done for me. I would also like to thank everyone who has submitted wavs to Bondi's Wav Page; if it weren't for them, I'd have no content for this site, and therefore wouldn't have been able to set this up in the first place. And definitely thank all of those fetishists who came before me and set the whole community up so that I and others like me could find this wonderful community of people who share our special interest in sneezing.

Bondi's Wav Page was born on September 04, 2001.