Here they are, everyone, my famous self-observations. If you've never read them before, now is your chance to read them. If you read them before, you can review them (if you want) and maybe a few of them will bring back pleasant memories of how much you enjoyed these self-observations the first time around. For those who might not know, I am a male, so if you don't like male sneezing, this section is definitely not for you, as all of these self-obs deal with male sneezing alone. Except for this one, which is a Female Obs that I wrote a while ago (I don't remember when, exactly). The others are male sneezing. The date these were written and posted are on the bottom of the self-obs, except for the first eight, because I hadn't recorded the date and no longer remember when I wrote them, except that the first seven were written sometime in 2001, and the eighth one (I believe) was written early 2002.

Self-Observations 2001:

Self-Observations 2002:

Self-Observations 2003:

Self-Observation I

I was driving to work--it was around 5:53am this morning, and I felt my nose tickling, a sneeze was coming. Normally, I don't like sneezing when driving due to the potential dangers involved, but luckily there was no one on the road, so it wasn't that big of a deal. I sneezed twice "HaSHOOO! HA-ISSHHOOO!" and then kept on driving until I got to work. I knocked on the door for my boss to let me in, then punched in on the computer, and then went into the backroom to take care of the cardboard like I do every morning. I pushed open the back door (luckily, the alarm was off) and then grabbed some cardboard to walk all the way across the parking lot to put it in the dumpsters. I was going back to get more, and the tickle returned and I sneezed again "ASHOOOO!" uncovered since my hands were filthy from lifting the doors to the dumpsters and I didn't want to put my hands over my mouth--besides, no one else was around so no one else would have cared anyway. I sneezed another three times: "ASHOOO! huh-ASSHOOO! HA-ISSHOOO!" and that was it for the time being. Throughout the rest of the shift, I was sneezing in singles every now and then (allergies) as I put up some of the stationary.

Self-Observation II

My nose had been itchy and tickly for quite a while this morning at work at around 7:36am as I stood in the HBA aisle (Aisle 4), but it didn't seem like a really sneezy tickle at that point, just another pain in the ass I had to deal with because of my allergies. I kept taking these little bottles of shower gel, or whatever the hell the damn things were, out of these bubbly plastic bags and putting them neatly on the shelf. I looked toward the other end of the aisle, where one of my coworkers was putting up some of the vitamin packages, or something else, I'm not sure which since it was a good twenty or thirty feet away (then again, I'm bad at estimating distances, so that might not be very accurate at all). Had I sneezed then, he would have probably heard me. The fact that he was within range of my eyesight would have prevented any sneeze from coming out of me.

I decided then for no real reason at all to go to the bathroom.

I left the box the way it was, intending to get back to it when I was done, and then left the aisle and went through the set of double doors with the aluminum covering on them and then white sign reading in bold red lettering EMPLOYEES ONLY. I was then in the backroom. I took a left, walking about twenty feet past a mountain of boxes of all shapes and sizes sitting on wooden pallets on both sides of me, took another left and walked another fifteen feet until I reached the men's room. I flipped on the light switch, turned on the fan.

It was in the bathroom that I started to sneeze. The tickles in my nose intensified, and I sneezed a total of 7 times, each time into my arm "Huh-Esch! Eshcoo! Huh-ha-Ishoo! Eshuh! Ha-Ishooo! ESHOO! Huh-huh-Eschoo!" Each one at the usual moderate volume my sneezes tend to be at--not too loud and not too soft either. When I was done, I sniffed and then spat out a huge wad of mucous into the sink. My eyes were watering after that. I looked in the mirror and could see the tracks of tears all around my eyes, although none had scrolled down my cheeks. I grabbed a paper towel, wiped my nose and threw it away, grabbed another, and wiped my eyes as well. When I was sure that I was done sneezing for the time being, I unlocked the bathroom door, and left.

By the time I had gotten back to what I was working on, that same coworker I mentioned before approached and suggested we go on break. So I walked to Dunkin' Donuts with my two coworkers, we each got what we wanted, then went back. I returned to the backroom once more, this time to eat my bagel. I did that, and then went into the bathroom again, this time because I actually did have to go to the bathroom.

I pushed the door open, flipped on the light switch, and with one hand gripping the doorframe, the other one holding the doorknob, I was pushed over with the sudden force of a sneeze that had caught me off guard: "Huh-ASHOOO!" I had shut the door and locked it, barely regaining composure once more, when I sneezed twice more "HASHOOO! HA-ESCHOOO!" into my elbow. I then went to the bathroom, which is what I had come in here for, washed my hands and dried them off with a paper towel.

I left the bathroom and got back to work once more.

Self-Observation III

I was sitting on my computer, the back of my nose had been itching like crazy for quite a while, begun before I had settled into my room and getting much worse as I sat down at my computer. I was looking through Fever's Forum (nothing interesting that I hadn't yet read, just someone begging the moderators to get rid of the flames). It was quite humid in my room (still is as I write this, and I hope I stop sneezing before dinner gets here); when I started to sneeze. "Hatchoo!" into my cupped hands (out of habit). But it wouldn't stop from there; I kept on sneezing. Sometimes into my hands; sometimes pulling up my shirt and sneezing into it "Haraashooo!" and luckily not making that big of a mess in there. "ha-ESH! Huh-eschaahh!" My eyes begun watering and my nose is now full, clogged with snot from all the sneezing I've been doing over the past ten or so minutes. I've lost count as to how many times I sneezed--but it was a lot--around ten or fifteen in a row at least, possibly much more. I scrolled my mouse to the Favorites to go to Hotmail and check my email for my none-fetish site, and was thrown off the Favorites twice by a sneeze "Ha-ashoo! Ishooo!" until I finally got there. I had one message in my inbox, from another webmaster whom I've been apparently making friends with as of late (not a fellow fetishist so she doesn't need to know about any of this) and I began to write a reply to her, when the sneezing persisted and I decided this was good enough for a third observation ("Finally!" is what a few other fetishists are probably thinking right now at the time they are reading this). And as I write this, I am still sneezing every now and then, but it looks like it is tapering off and that this fit will end soon, which is good for me and bad for other fetishists, I guess:)

Self-Observation IV

I had just eaten dinner and had nearly finished doing the dishes when I felt an itchy tickle in the back of my nose. I decided I was done--I'm not gonna fit any more dishes in the dishwasher, I thought as the tickle intensified. I ran through the living room, where my brother was screwing around with Napster on the family computer (not the computer I use) and then ran upstairs. No one there--my mother wasn't in her room--my sister wasn't there. And when I realized I was alone up there, that's when all the sneezing began. "Ha-esch!" I sneezed once going into the bathroom. I grabbed the dental floss, sneezing again twice "Hashoo! harashoo!" I then proceeded to floss, and when I had finished, I sneezed again. I sneezed as I went back into my room, then sneezed into the crook of my arm: "HASHOOOOO!" as I grabbed my toothbrush and returned to the bathroom. I brushed my teeth, rinsed my mouth out from under the faucet, and then I sneezed once more into the crook of my arm again. I was done sneezing after that, but had had a total of around 7 sneezes, and knew that it was perfect for yet another self-obs, so immediately got back onto my computer to write it down.

Self-Observation V

Well, I definitely have to say that today, the Claritin tablet I took this morning for my allergies hadn't done a damn bit of good. Then again, maybe it did, but if that were the case, then I don't want to even think about how bad my allergies would have been had I not taken it. Of course, I suppose the possibility might exist that I didn't take the damned tablet - when it's that early in the morning, it's kind of hard to tell, you know. Anyway, I think you all know what I'm getting at, right? Well, let's just say that any sneeze fetishist that's into male sneezing would have wanted to be around me today throughout my whole damn work shift...all 9 hours of it (I was only supposed to work 6 hours, but they fucked around with my hours because of the late truck arrival - I was supposed to work from 9am to 3pm instead of 6am to 12pm, but I didn't know that because those assholes never told me, just expected me to know; so naturally I arrive at 6am as usual, and I'm sure you can figure the rest out), or at least have some way of recording it to watch later at your leisure.

Actually, the first two hours weren't bad at all - I hadn't sneezed once, and my nose wasn't tickling, itching, or burning at all, just a little too runny for my taste, as I had one hell of a bad case of the sniffles. It wasn't until around 8am that all the sneezing actually began. I was in the bathroom and sneezed about 7 times. I then washed my hands and wiped my nose with a paper towel and left the bathroom. I wasn't going back to work, however. Instead, I decided to take my ten minute break; so I told my boss that I was going to do that and he said that was fine. I left after making sure to get someone to lock the door behind me (the place wasn't open yet, but that sure as hell wouldn't have stopped the idiot customers we've got at the Tree from walking in there anyway unless the door's locked).

It was outside that I began to sneeze all over again. There were people in the parking lot, exiting their cars to perhaps walk into Shaw's, or maybe they had just gotten out of Shaw's and were putting their groceries into their trunks or whatever and go home. In any case, none were in earshot of my sneezes, so it didn't matter. I sneezed once, my usual moderately volumed sneeze: "Ha-shoo!" No one heard, of course, and I continued to walk, but the tickle wouldn't desist. I sneezed again as I crossed the huge parking lot, approaching Hollywood Video, and then again as I passed it: "Hashew! Ha-ishooo!" I continued walking. A cool breeze blew past me, and I sneezed again as I approached the end of the sidewalk and was about to cross the street. As I regained my composure, still walking, a car zoomed past me, stopping me in my tracks. When it was gone, I continued on, eventually making my way to Dunkin' Donuts to take my ten- minute break. I was there for about 15 minutes, not sneezing at all, and I hadn't sneezed on my way back either.

It was when I began the cardboard that I was sneezing my head off every couple of minutes. I think it might have had a lot to do with the kitty litter; some of it had broken open on Monday, and they hadn't bothered to write them off and throw them out until now, leaving me to take care of its disposal. I'm going to be perfectly blunt about my feelings toward the kitty litter - I fucking hate that shit! I can't dealing with it. But there it was, three bags of kitty litter, torn open, that I have to carry over to the dumpsters, and then throw out. Some of it spilled on the streets, both by the dumpsters and near the loading dock of Dollar Tree as well. The bags themselves were thrown into one of the dumpters - I wanted to be rid of the wretched things as quickly as possible. The litter that spilled on the streets stayed where it was - I wasn't messing around with it, and figured that if I avoided it, it wouldn't be that much of a problem. Unfortunately, it was a bit of a windy day, and breeze after breeze continued to pick up the vapors from the litter and blow them all over the place. I could smell it in the air, and feel it irritating my nose, and caught in multiple sneezing fits every few minutes. It was like that the entire three-hour period it took me to get rid of all the cardboard and the garbage. I would get a chance to catch my breath, for about five or ten minutes before the sneezes caught me all over again. And when I finally finished, I was pretty damned happy; I thought maybe that would be the end of it and my allergies wouldn't be aggravating me.

I was wrong, though. I spent the rest of the shift sneezing my head off. Most or all the sneezes that I sneezed were either in the backroom, or in the bathroom, where no one would have the chance to hear any of them. I wasn't rushing back there every ten minutes, but the time frame between the sneezes as this point was much greater than that of when I was doing the cardboard. I was no longer sneezing as frequently now. But still sneezing a lot regardless; wet and messy sneezes; I would wipe my nose dry, only to sneeze a few minutes later and have a runny nose all over again. I took my lunch break at around 12:17pm (after waiting a good 15 minutes to find out if they even had enough hours to have me stay 'til 3, as was originally planned), and hadn't sneezed during that half-hour. I thought I was done and my allergies would have faded away after that, but sure enough, when I returned to work, I sneezed again, coming into the office - "HA-ISHOO!" just as the office door was slowly swinging shut.

As the day wore on, I continued to sneeze sporadically, sometimes in fits of 7, or even 10 or more sneezes. And my sneezes grew progressively harder and louder each time I sneezed. By the time the truck arrived at 1:30pm, each time I sneezed, my chest hurt a little, and I had a bit of a headache as well. It took an hour to unload the freight; then I finished what I had been doing before - it didn't take too long because I had been almost done with that anyway. Then it was off to take out the last bits of cardboard; and outside, behind the building, the stench of kitty litter vapors was still in the air. I took care of the cardboard, not bothering to break it down like last time because I just wanted to get it done and go home already, goddamn it! (I can't BELIEVE that son of a bitch wants ALL the cardboard taken care of before I leave, I kept thinking.)

When I was done, my coworker gave me a ride home. I was glad to be home. When I rushed up the stairs, I sneezed three times, very loudly. "EHHH-TCHOOO! EHHSHOOO! HEEHHSHOOOO!"

I took my shower, and afterward, I was feeling a lot better:).

Self-Observation VI

Ugh...damn allergies:P

Well, as I'm sure a lot of people are aware of, I've been sneezing an awful lot lately--not sure if it's a cold, allergies, or a little of both at this point, but leaning towards the third one.

Anyway, I was mowing the lawn earlier today; while mowing the lawn, my allergies didn't really bother me at all; not one sneeze while in the process of actually doing it. Oh sure, I fell backward toward the end and was nearly impaled by thorns from roses growing in my front yard, but that wasn't too bad, because the thorns only pierced my clothing and didn't break the skin, though I felt a slight prickle in my legs. I gently pulled the stems off so I wouldn't tear my clothes and then finished with the lawn.

Once I had put the lawn away in the shed and entered the house, that's when I began to get sniffly, sniffling hard to prevent the snot from dripping from my nostrils. Crossing the hall into the kitchen, I sneezed twice: "Ehhhsha! HAISHOO!" into cupped hands. I returned to the front door, for some reason, looked in the driveway, and saw that there were no cars parked there. I was the only one home besides my dog, and generally don't care about sneezing around the dog for some reason. I got my dog's bowl and went to the sink to fill it. And while I stood by the sink, holding the bowl as the fawcet filled it, I felt another tickle in my nose. I feared the sudden jerk of my sneeze might shake the bowl too much and splash the water all over the place, but it didn't. I sneezed lightly: "Hi-chhh!" uncovered and held back a little, but not quite stifle, nor forceful enough to disrupt anything. I finished filling the bowl and put it on the floor again, sneezed once more, and then went back to the sink to rinse out some dishes that my siblings had left there a while ago; there weren't that many, though, only a couple of bowls that I had to rinse out. I then washed my hands and crossed the living room to go upstairs to the bathroom, sneezing three times on the way there and then once I reached my destination, sneezing a few more times there as well. Once finished sneezing, I stepped into the shower, and haven't sneezed since then.

Self-Observation VII

This obs will contain some nudity. I wasn't sure if I should post it or not; I wasn't sure if people would want to read about me being naked, even if I was sneezing while in that state. I talked to a few online friends (female), and they said I should post it, so I decided in the end to say fuck it and post the thing. So here is is, and hope at least a few poeple enjoy it:


7:00am today: I had gotten home from work. No one was there from what I could tell. The lights were out at the Dollar Tree this morning at 6am, and I waited until 6:30 and no one came, so I left and walked home in the cold, my face frozen, my eyes watering. But I made it home, and in my room.

I took off my work cloths, and naked now, I felt a chill, and my entire body broke out in gooseflesh. I shivered, and then I sneezed. "Hachoo!" It was the usual sneeze for me: forceful, but not too loud. The rest were like that as well, for the most part. I sneezed a total of 6 times. For some reason, I stifled the 5th sneeze; I don't know why. After that, I sneezed a final time, a little less forceful--held back just a little bit--but unstifled. Afterward, I crawled back into bed. I didn't fall asleep, but that's okay, because I didn't think I would. It was still worth a shot anyway. And at 7:30am, Dollar Tree called me back into work. I didn't sneeze after getting out of my bed, and that was it for sneezing for the time being.

...however, I DID sneeze once while writing this post;)

Self-Observation VIII

When I'm not at home and I have to sneeze, a lot of the time, I do the sneezing in the bathroom. This should be apparent in a great deal of my previous self-obs (though not ALL of them). What can I say? When you can't sneeze around people liek I can't, then the bathroom often times becomes your only safe haven.

And this was the case at school today, when I was alone in the bathroom. I had already washed my hands, dried them, but I couldn't leave the bathroom just yet. The sudden tickle in my nose forced me to stay, and I waited for the sneeze to come out. But it wouldn't come out, because as I've said plenty of times before, I can't sneeze if there are people around that might hear me...or if I THINK there might be others around that might hear me. And so the urge to sneeze intensified. The sneeze was about to come out, when I heard people walking by outside. Anxiety seized me just then, and I feared they might walk into the bathroom (I was completely alone the whole time); it was then that the urge to sneeze desisted. The talking and footsteps from outside eventually tapered off. But the urge to sneeze didn't go away completely. The tickle once again returned, and more people kept walking by, and again I thought they might come into the bathroom, and so couldn't sneeze. The cycle repeated a couple more times.

Then I was finally able to sneeze at long last. Only one. I cupped my hands over my nose and mouth, and the sneeze was muffled a great deal, held back so it wouldn't be too loud, but still had a little bit of force to it. "HiIISH!" After that the tickle was gone and I walked out of the bathroom.

Self-Obs IX

Yet another sneeze just now, as I begin writing this self-obs. And here is yet another. My nose is really tickly at the moment as you can see and I'm very sniffly as well. And it all began at Wal-Mart...

I was in the lines at Wal-Mart earlier this morning, waiting to make a purchase of a toothbrush that I just picked up on impulse and a black ink printer cartridge that I shouldn't have needed, but did need because the old one wouldn't print properly; the quality totally sucked, despite having a whole half a tank of ink left. A great many times at Wal-Mart, the lines would all be packed, with hundreds of people waiting to buy something, with only about four or five registers open. This time, I was lucky, because I had found a line with only one person in front of me, so naturally I went with it.

Even then it seemed to take an eternity; only a few seconds in line and I was overtaken by an acrid tickle in the back of my nose, an insurmountable urge to sneeze. I COULDN'T sneeze though; not there, anyway. There were too many people, like the one in front of me, the cashier, and all the other customers waiting in all the other lines, the customers waiting behind me, and everyone else walking by. I sniffled wetly a few times, breathing heavily, but the sneeze wouldn't come out. I wanted to leave then, but of course, couldn't. I would lose my place in line, which was the last thing I needed, as I would have to wait another hour, and another urge to sneeze in that time could easily come. I wanted to sneeze so badly, but the tickle only burned my sinuses. At times like these, I usually pinch my nose shut; it won't help the sneeze along, but will at least relieve the tickle. I did that frequently while waiting in line, but it wouldn't work; no relief came. The tickle was just too intense. That sneeze was coming one way or another. Somehow, though, the mental block held it at bay.

"Is that stuff yours," asked the cashier, pointing to the toothbrush and printer cartridge.

"Yeah," I answered. My voice was hitched, but I hoped no one noticed.

She was an old woman, at least around 60; I'm afraid of sneezing around ANYONE, apparently, but I sure as hell didn't want to sneeze around her. The mental block took care of that concern, of course.

She ran the items through the scanner and threw them in a blue Wal-Mart plastic bag as I handed her thirty dollars. "That'll be thirty-three bucks, sir."

Fucking delays!

But of course, I pulled three singles out of my wallet and handed them to her as she gave me the bag with my stuff in it.

I was about to walk away then and there, wanting only to get out of that line and away from everyone else, when the cashier called me back: "Hey, don't you want your slip?" She was referring to the receipt, of course. Oh, right, I thought as I turned back and she handed me the receipt. I stuffed it in my pocket and walked away. My nose was on fire, but I was free at last!

I hurried outside. But I couldn't sneeze there either, no matter how much I wanted to at that point. There were too many people entering and leaving the store, too many walking by. I turned to the left and hurried past the older woman smoking a cigarette by the pay phone (that probably would have irritated my nose further, but I didn't breath as I walked by her). Then I turned the corner to the left and was walking by the side of the building.

I was alone at last, not another person in sight from what I could see. Cars zoomed by on the road, but there was a short upward, steep slope between where I stood, so that didn't matter much. Still walking, I finally let out the sneeze that had been scraping painfully at my sinuses, bringing the inside of my green coat to my nose and mouth to try to muffle the sound: "Ha-CHSHHH!" It didn't help much, and my ears popped. I continued walking, but the tickle was still inside my nose, just as intense, and I sneezed yet again, trying to muffle the sound. It didn't work, really, but at least this time my ears didn't pop. The tickle refused to retreat, however, and I was a bit frustrated but more unsettled than anything else. I stopped, standing by the side of Wal-Mart, and decided that I was going to stay there until I sneezed every last sneeze lurking within my nose, until the tickle was gone, hoping desperately that no one would walk past me, that I wouldn't have any intruders to witness what I had been doing; their very presence might activate the mental block, leaving the tickle once again lingering painfully in the back of my nose. Again, I tried but failed to muffle the sounds in my jacket. The sneezes were hard and fierce but not too loud. I sneezed about ten times, I believe, with a few seconds break in between. After that, I noticed a few very small trees (about six to eight feet tall at the most) to my right, and all the flowers blossoming beside the leaves on the thin branches, as well as the pedals scattered over the wood-chipped ground aroudn the trees (I was walking on a concrete surface, though). My eyes watered and I shivered, my body breaking out in gooseflesh. But the tickle was gone, so I felt a great measure of relief. I continued home, sneezing once or twice more before I finally made it there.

No doubt about it, folks, spring is definitely here!


April 27, 2002

Swimming Pool Self-Obs

I hadn't sneezed in the pool over the past several years (though it happened to me all the time when I was a kid), but today I had a huge sneezing fit after coming out of the swimming pool, so I thought I would share.

I was swimming alone, of course. The nice thing about being alone in the pool is I don't have to deal with other people screaming, splashing me, or acting obnoxious.:) Anyway, I didn't sneeze at all while in the pool. I just screwed around for about 20 minutes in the pool after work. It was extremely humid while walking home from work, but the pool water was cold--hey, its still June.

After about 20 minutes in the pool, I pulled myself out, covered in gooseflesh and shivering as a cool breeze blew past me. I stood by the pool for a few minutes, dripping water all over the place, when my nose tickled me. I sneezed softly into my cupped hands. "Hashoo!" I took a step forward and sneezed again: "Harashoo!" I sniffled and headed toward the back porch, where the towel was. I went inside the back porch, grabbed the towel, wrapping it around me, and sneezed two more times. I was then walking around inside and outside of the porch, drying off, and sneezing intermittently while I did so. "Harshoo! hitchoo!"

When I was dry, i went into the house, and went into my room to pull off my bathing suit and get some cloths on. While dressing, I sneezed a total of 9 times. Each successive sneeze grew gradually stronger, as they usually do when I have a sneezing fit. The first 8 times I sneezed into my cupped hands. And then I finished that fit with a 9th sneeze into the crook of my arm. "HASHOO!" I sniffled, then left my bedroom to put my swim suit and towel into the bathroom. I returned to my bedroom and sneezed one before turning on the computer to write this down, and my nose has been a bit itchy and I've been sniffly ever since.


June 24, 2002

Catching a Cold

Looks like I'm catching a cold. Big surprise, huh? I've been sneezing a lot these past couple of days, more and more with each passing day. I know some of you are really going to like that.

I just got done with a huge sneezing fit. It was really big, and started when I got out of the shower. I have probably sneezed about a hundred times today. Anyway, I had a huge fit coming out of the shower, sneezing into the cup of my hands to try and muffle it. When I started sneeze, though, I had all my cloths on. I sneezed about three times before I decided it was safe to go upstairs.

I was in my room when my nose burned again. My sister's bedroom is right next time mine, and if I sneezed, she would hear me. Natually, with my mental block, that would make sneezing pretty difficult. I grabbed a pillow and muffled a bunch of sneezes into it. Each one growing more forceful than the last. I think I sneezed about five times into it before my sister left, and then it was safe to sneeze again, though I had been holding them back, and my ears kind of felt funny. I was a little bit dizzy, but was still sneezing forcefully.

I don't know why I did this, but I decided to grab my mic and plug it into my computer to try and record some of these sneezes. It was worth a try, anyway. The very second I had my mic in my hand, the sneezes stopped. My nose tickled, I could feel more sneezes that wanted to come out, but nothing came. I plugged in the mic, and still, no more sneezes. I opened up sound recorded, but didn't have it on record. I waited for the right moment to hit the record button, but it never came. I gave up and put the mic away (maybe I knew that having it out would stop my fit). Anyway, no wavs for you.

And my nose is a little tickly still, but doesn't look like I will sneeze anytime soon.


February 02, 2003

Paint Primer fumes made me sneeze

Okay, so I was helping my dad and brother paint my sister's room yesterday--well, actually, we paint tomorrow night, and instead put the primer on. Those primer fumes are quite unpleasant, I'd have to say. They gave me a slight headache, though it wasn't too bad; it lingered on and off for the rest of the day. While applying the primer, I didn't sneeze at all, though; it did irritate my throat and I coughed a few times, but never sneezed. I did start sneezing when I was done with the primer, though. I was in old clothing, that had a lot of primer on it. Some if also when through and got on my skin, but luckily, none on my face. Well, it did, and I felt it get pretty close to my eyes, too, and didn't like that at all.

So I'm done with applying the primer, and as I begin to take a shower, I start to sneeze. I sneezed my head off and couldn't stop. While in the shower, I was naked, sneezing again and again. Also after the shower. Each time I sneezed, the sneeze was stronger than the last. Luckily I was alone, though, because I couldn't stop. It was weird, because while applying the primer, I felt no tickle in my nose at all. They just started coming, and continued to come. Eventually, well after my shower, the sneezes tapered off. But I was very sniffly and was sneezing intermittently in singles, doubles, or triples for the rest of that night.

Just thought I'd share, everyone.


March 16, 2003

Sneezing While Driving

I haven't done a self-obs in a while, and allergies are kind of bothering me today, so I thought it was about time I'd do one.

Actually, I've been sneezing a lot all morning, and my nose is stil very itchy, even after I took my Alavert (Clariton works a lot better than least for me). *sniffles*

Hichoo! *sniffles* Just sneezed right now in fact.

Anyway, after the sneezy morning, I went to the supermarket to pick something up, and I was really sniffly while looking for it and tickly, too. I couldn't find what I was looking for, but kept going up and down the aisles again and again, because when looking for something at a store and can't find it, I tend to get persistent like that. But eventually I did give up and come to the conclusion that they didn't have it, so left empty-handed.

In the car I was sneezing my head off. Luckily it was light traffic, but I was still sneezing a lot. Here in Rhode Island, everything is about a five-minute drive at the most, usually, but I still had plenty of time to sneeze a lot, and since when I got home I knew that I might not be alone to sneeze, decided to take the long way. I must have sneezed about ten times while driving, but that was only in the first few minutes, and afterward I stopped sneezing. (Except now I just sneezed again :oops: and again, too). Anyway, during the first half of the drive, while sneezing, I decided to turn off the air conditioning for a little while, because while cool or cold air might not ALWAYS make me sneeze, if I'm already sneezy it can sometimes make it worse (and sometimes a cold breeze DOES make me sneeze, but not always effective). So I'm messing around with the air conditioning, sneezing, while turning it on and off, because the problem is that it is really hot here, too, so kind of need the air conditioning, otherwise I'll be roasted alive in my car. Though I stopped sneezing eventually, like I said, and then kept it on for a while, and it didn't make me sneeze.

*sniffles* of course, I'm all sniffly and sneezy again all over.

Just thought I'd share with some of you. Hope you liked it.


July 27, 2003

Self-obs from this Morning

Well, as some of you know, I've been sneezing a lot this morning. I woke up with a really stuffy nose and was very sniffly and couldn't stop sniffly. My nose was pretty tickly, as well, and I started sneezing almost right when I woke up. It was mostly in singles, but between each sneeze, it seemed like only a matter of minutes would go by before I would sneeze again. Each one had a bit of a build up for a few seconds, with my nose tickling, before I finally sneezed: "Ha-eschoo!" I even took an Alavert today to relieve some of my allergies, then lay back on my bed, but was still feeling very sneezy even with the pill. Eventually I did get up, though, and made a bagel for breakfast (not much else) and had sneezed a couple of times, but not much.

It was when I was mowing the lawn today that I really started sneezing. I don't know what it was either, because said it was a low-medium pollen count today, but still, I was really sneezing. Throughout the first ten or fifteen minutes of mowing the lawn, I was sneezing again and again. I pushed it across the yard, all the while thrusting my head forward with yet another sneeze, my watering eyes squeezing tighly shit. "Harishooo!" I sneezed, again and again and couldn't seem to stop, though thankful that the loud noise from the lawn mower would have most likely drowned out the sound of me sneezing from any kind of distance. I did eventually stop, though, luckily.

I sneezed a few times after my shower, when I went online, but eventually stopped. My nose tickled a little bit, but my mom was outside my room working on something, so there was no way I was going to sneeze then. And since then, my allergies have luckily calmed down a bit.

Thought I'd share. Hope you enjoyed.


August 09, 2003

In the Shower

Well, I've been sneezing a lot today, as I might have mentioned in another post. *sniffles* Allergy season seems endless at the moment. Anyway, thought I'd share a particular experience.

Anyway, I decided to take a shower about ten minutes ago, and when I was in the shower, as the hot water sprayed over my naked body and I was lathering up on the soap, I felt yet another tickle in my nose. I squeezed my hands over my face to muffle the sneeze. "Hmm--schooo!" Not stifled, but still muffled. I sneezed quite a few times like that. But then as I washed my hair, I felt yet another tickle in my nose. I sniffled, but my hands were preoccupied so I sneezed into the air, uncovered, very noisily. "HAARAASHOOOO!" and sniffled, feeling a bit nervous now and hoping someone didn't hear me. No one said anything, but then as I rinsed the shampoo off my hair, I kept feeling the tickles, and sneezed one more time, this time very frantic to keep it muffled and quiet, which I had, much to my relief. I continued to sniffle and sneezed a few more times after I got out of the shower and dried off.

Anyway, thought I'd share.

*sniffles...nose is tickling again...okay, went away.


October 12, 2003

Female Observation

Think it's safe to post this. Not at my house, so nothing is guarenteed; I am at the computer lab now at my college. But not a lot of people here, only about 8 at the most (luckily), and no one with a clear view of what I'm doing now. :D Taking all the necessary precautions, though, like having another window open to click onto just in case things get hot. But who cares about all of that, right? Think I'll get to the good stuff;).

About fifteen minutes ago, when I was logging onto this computer I am using now, my attention was diverted when I heard on of the girls on the other end of the room sneeze once, softly "Eehhtchoo!" Naturally, that caught my attention; I was slouching on the chair, but immediately rose a few inches, and was now sitting up straight. She sneezed again. "Ha-ehhshoooo!" Tried to look discreetly to see who sneezed, but couldn't without standing up, so decided it wasn't worth it. She only sneezed twice, and I figured she probably wouldn't sneeze again, so I just got back to what I was doing after that.

Anyway, just thought I'd share this with everyone here; and that I might as well do it now while it was still fresh on my mind and I was at a computer. Hope you all enjoyed it. :)