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Sneeze Fetish FAQ:

Are there really people walking around that are sexually arroused by sneezing?

Yes, this site is the real deal. There really are people that get turned on when other people sneeze, and there are sneeze fetishists all over the world. We are everywhere, you see, and we come from different backgrounds and from all walks of life. We're teachers, accountants, doctors, nurses, students, parents, sons, daughters, husbands, wives. In short, we are otherwise normal people (for the most part) who have a fetish for sneezing. Some of us are nice and some of us aren't so nice, just like with any other group of people. The only difference is that we attach some kind of significance to sneezing, where to others, it is just another bodily function that carries no special meaning.

But isn't sneezing a bit of an...unusual sexual turn-on?

I suppose that would depend on how you look at it. For some, yes, this is a very bizarre turn-on, and even to us it might sometimes be weird. But if you spend any great deal of time online, you'd find that there are a lot of other people who have sexual kinks that could be considered weird, bizarre, or downright sick. There are people out there who like to have sex with trees, people who like to drink piss and eat shit, people who like to have sex with animals, dead corpses, spank midgets, or shove large, painful foreign objects up their anal cavities. I'm not saying that there's anything wrong with any of that stuff (whatever floats your boat, as long as only consensual adults are involved), but all of those things can be considered at the very least bizarre as well. The point I'm making here is that there are a lot of people who are turned on by a lot of really weird and bizarre things, fantasies, and circumstances, and sneezing is yet another thing you can add to your list of sexual kinks. Get the picture?

How many sneeze fetishists are there?

That's very hard (probably impossible) to determine with any degree of accuracy. Last time I checked, the number was 600, but the reported number may have increased since then. New people are finding the forums and signing up to join our ranks all the time, at least a few newbies a week most of the time. Also, we have no way of determining how many lurkers there are throughout the community, and how many sneeze fetishists don't have Internet access.

Are sneeze fetishists dangerous people?

For the most part, no, sneeze fetishists are not anymore dangerous than anybody else in society. Obviously, there are no doubt a few rotten apples in the bunch, just as with any other group, but as a whole, we are perfectly safe to be around. We're not going to stalk you just because we like the way you sneeze, we're not going to torture or rape you. Trust me, you have nothing to worry about. The fact is, we might like the way you sneeze, but a lot of us are too shy to act upon that aside from our own private fantasies and enjoyment.

So, what kinds of people do you like to see sneeze?

That varies among different fetishists. Some of us enjoy seeing cartoon characters sneezing, while others are indifferent and unresponsive to that. Some like seeing celebrities sneeze. Some enjoy seeing people they know sneeze, while others do not. Some sneeze fetishists absolutely melt when they see their lovers sneeze, while other sneeze fetishists are absolutely repulsed and disgusted by the sneeze of a significant other, and it seems to them as though a family member had done the sneezing. Almost all of us are grossed out or annoyed when a family member sneezes; but again, there have been a few deviations from that from time to time as well, and some people are entirely unaffected by family members sneezing. It totally depends on which fetishist you're dealing with, and how their fetish affects them.

What is it about sneezing that sneeze fetishists find so attractive?

Again, that varies among different sneeze fetishists. For some, its the vulnerability aspect of the sneeze. They enjoy that the person lost control, as sneezing is something that is beyond people's control, and is something that everyone does, regardless of strength, power, or status. Many people like seeing those who are otherwise well-composed and in control sneeze because in sneezing that person has lost control, at least for the moment. This goes hand in hand with seeing that person's vulnerable side. There are a lot of sneeze fetishists that enjoy the nurturing side of the sneeze, in that they get to take care of someone if they are sick or have a cold. Others still have compared the sneeze to an orgasm, and that's what they enjoy about sneezing. As for what it is about sneezing that I enjoy, I still haven't figured it out yet, but when/if I ever figure it out, I'll be sure to let you know.

Do sneeze fetishists enjoy their own sneezes?

That depends on the individual sneeze fetishist. A lot of us (though certainly not all) do not enjoy sneezing in public, and some of us (myself included) have even developed a mental block to prevent that from happening. Still, there are some sneeze fetishists that enjoy sneezing, so long as they can do it in private and no one else sees or hears them. Of course, some sneeze fetishists don't have a problem at all with sneezing around people.

Do you guys like being sneezed on?

Some enjoy being sneezed on a great deal, whereas others find it disgusting, repulsive, and rude.

What kinds of things do people like to see in a wav?

That depends on who your dealing with, like a lot of these other questions. It might be different for other people, but what I like in a wav is a lot of sneezes, and I like the female (I enjoy female sneezing, whereas others like male sneezing or both, perhaps) to do some talking in the wav to, to explain why she is sneezing, the situation behind the sneezing, give warnings, stuff like that. A few sniffles here and there are nice, too, but I don't get off on nose-blowing. Of course, that just sums up what I like, and you'll have to ask other people to get their views on what makes a good wav.

Do you people go around making people sneeze?

For the most part, no, we don't go around making people sneeze. While there are a few people that might partake in such activities (I personally don't judge people who do stuff like that, though I'm not one of those people who does stuff like that), many sneeze fetishists are morally opposed to making someone else sneeze without their knowledge because to us it would be getting pleasure from someone else without that person's consent or knowledge. Morality and ethics aside, you don't know how the irritant will affect the person who you want to make sneeze, and for obvious reasons, if you should accidentally asphyxiate that person, that would be very bad indeed. So yeah, while occasionally a sneeze fetishist might try making other people seen its not something that you should be too worried about.

How is the sneeze fetish different from other fetishes?

We get turned on by sneezeing, whereas other fetishists get off on other stuff. That's about it, really. I've heard it mentioned that this fetish has more of an equal ratio of male/female members, whereas a lot of other fetish communities are primarily male, but I'm not really sure of this, so don't hold me to it. I have glimpsed other fetish communities, though, and they seem to have the same mentality on their fetish that we do, where they go through their entire lives thinking that they are the only who turned on by whatever they are turned on by, then they surf the Internet one day and come across sites devoted to whatever their fetish happens to be, then they get really excited: "Oh wow! There are other people turned on by this and I'm not the only one? I guess I'm not such a freak after all!" As with some other fetishes--such as tickling, hiccups, coughing, etc.--that's exactly how it is for the vast majority of sneeze fetishists as well. That's the nice thing about the Internet--you can have these kinds of communities, and fetishists--reguardless of what they're turned on--can find something to not only cater to their sexual desires, but also a community of people who understand and share the fetish, thus giving the fetishist the support and understanding that he/she never had before.

In general, how do people react to this fetish?

That depends on the person. Obviously, I've never told anybody about this fetish, so any information I can give would be second-hand information, but should still be valuable. Some people have a very good reaction to this fetish—they think that its cute and really cool and are always happy to indulge the sneeze fetishist's desires, which, of course, I see as a positive thing. Unfortunately, not all reactions are positive ones. Some people think that this fetish is strange, silly, weird, or sick and will either judge us harshly or make fun of us. And then there's the third possibility, in which the person has no reaction to this fetish and doesn't give a shit about it one way or another.

Website FAQ:

I want to donate a wav to Bondi's Wav Page. How do I go about doing that?

Send me a private message on the forum and we can work something out. If you do not have access to private messages yet, then please post in the Bondi's Wav Page Support Board on the forum and I'll figure something out for you.

How do I get my own section on Bondi's Wav Page?

Getting your own section is very easy. All you have to do is make five or more donations to Bondi's Wav Page, and you get your own section and all of the benefits of having your own section.

But why do I have to have 5 donations to get my own section?

It makes sense to me that way. I used to have it at two, but I wasn't really happy with that system, because people would donate two wavs, and I would never hear from them again, and pages would get flooded with people who have their own section, but they only have two measily wavs. At least this way, if you have your own section, you still have five wavs (or more) so if you don't donate anymore, then that isn't so bad, because your section still has an adequate number of wavs to it, and I'm not stuck with ten sections that have only two or three measily wavs to it. Yes, I'm an anal retentive nut--deal with it!

Can you help me with a wav that won't play properly on my computer?

If its a dead link, then I can fix that easily. If its software issues on your end, I'm at a loss as to what the problem could be. However, you can post about your problem on the forum and hopefully someone might be able to help you.

I really liked *** INSERT NAME HERE *** wavs. Could you please give me contact information about him or her and tell me a little more about that person?

No, I can't give you that person's contact info or any other information about that person. Unless they specifically tell me that I can link their name to their email address, I generally assume that they don't want it to be public knowledge. So obviously, I won't be giving you any information (so you might as well not waste your time), because that person might not want people knowing their email address and they might not want people knowing anything else about them, so if I were to disclose such information, that would be very rude and mean of me, and disrespectful to that person's privacy, and I just can't do that. If you really want to get in touch with the person, look for him or her on the forum, or post a message saying that you really liked that person's wavs.

Could you please update the wav page?

If you really need the ask that, then chances are, the answer is no. You see, two factors must be present for me to update the wav page.

  1. I must have material to update the wav page with.
  2. I must actually feel like updating the wav page.

If one or both factors are not present, then Bondi's Wav Page won't get updated. Its that simple.

Why can't you ask or badger people to make more wavs?

That will never happen. People who donate wavs to me do so completely of their own volition, with no coercion from me. I don't bother people to make wavs. I don't badger them. I don't pressure them. If they want to make wavs for Bondi's Wav Page, they can, but if they don't, then I'm not going to pressure them, and you shouldn't either.

Are there any new wavs on your site?

Luckily, I am not asked this on instant messenger very often, but occasionally someone will come along and ask me this sort of question out of no where, and when this happens, even if I just got done adding something to the wav page, I will tell them "No, I did not update the wav page." If they are too lazy to check for themselves, that's their problem--its not like it takes too long to check anyway. Besides, it seems most of the people who bug me and ask this question don't really care about me anyway and only care about the wav page and would otherwise just ignore me, so if that's the case with someone, then I don't even want to deal with that person.

What are those tooltips that appear whenever I hover my cursor onto one of the links?

This tells you how large the file is, and while it won't give you an exact length, you can still use this knowledge to determine how long the file is going to take to download before you even click on the link. Most of these sizes will be measured in kilobytes. For those who do not know much about computers and file sizes, the smallest unit in this measurement system is a byte. The table below should be able to help you from there:

1024 Bytes:1 Kilobyte
1024 Kilobytes:1 Megabyte
1024 Megabytes:1 Gigabyte

As far as I know, I get about one gigabyte on my host. Therefore, in order to keep from running out, I am trying to get it so there aren't any files that are over a megabyte. There will be a few, obviously, but those you see that are that large will be really long, like five minutes or over.

If you do not know much about how to keep files small, don't worry about it. I usually convert all wavs to MP3 format anyway, which will usually be about a tenth of the size they would be in WAV format, and if the filesize is still too big, I know of a few ways to make it smaller without too much degredation to the sound quality.

Do you still have the wavs or stories of *** INSERT NAME HERE *** from several months/years ago and if you do, can you send them to me?

Putting aside moral issues of whether or not I should publicly or privately distribute someone else's work without their permission whether or not they have previously requested to have that work removed, the fact of the matter is that if it's something that old, I probably won't even have it anymore. I'm currently on my third computer right now and I have formatted the harddrive at least a couple of times for each computer. When this happens I tend to lose stuff that is on my harddrive. Therefore, if there is a certain wav or story that disappeared months or years ago that you're desperately searching for, chances are, I won't have it either.

Sneeze Shark FAQ:

What does the term sneeze shark mean?

A sneeze shark is a member of the sneeze fetish community who IMs other members of the community—often times out of the blue—and wants only to talk about sneeze-related topics, and will badger the members with personalized requests, demands that they sneeze live for the shark, and sometimes even to sneeze on the phone for them. Obviously, many members frequently sneeze live for one another, whether through voice chat options on instant messenger or over the phone, and this would not be considered sharking, since both parties have mutually agreed to share in one another's sneezes. Nor would the simple act of discussing fetish-related topics on instant messenger make you a sneeze shark if both parties are interested in discussing such subject matter. Even if you only want to talk about sneezing, it might not be considered sharking, so long as both parties understand the nature of the relationship and are okay with it. However, if one party is not okay with this kind of relationship, then one could see it being the equivalent of sexual harrassment in the workplace.

Other variations of sneeze sharks could be a nose-blowing fetish harrassing another user for nose-blowing material, or someone who is mostly into stifles badgering someone with incessent requests to make a stifles wav when the person clearly hates stifling their sneezes.

It is also worth mentioning the phenomenon that some have dubbed "reverse sharking" in which the shark would force his own material on someone else and absolutely demand that that person watch or listen to said material even if the person is not at this point in time interesting in watching or listening to sneezy material.

What's the big deal about sneeze sharks anyway, since this community was specifically designed to talk about sneezing?

Indeed we are here because we have a sneeze fetish (in most cases) and we want to discuss our fetishes with others who share this really cool and wonderful fetish with one another, seeking support and understanding, while exchanging and comparing our experiences with living with this fetish. Many fetishists also seek friendships online with other sneeze fetishists that go beyond this fetish; that is to say that we want to share this fetish, but also we want our friendships to be about more than just the fetish, and to share other common interests we might have with one another as well.

Obviously, not every member of this community falls into that category, and some truly have no interest in forming genuine bonds of friendship with other sneeze fetishists, and come here simply for a sexual experience and nothing more. There is nothing wrong with this in and of itself. After all, lurkers, while they might not contribute positively to the community, are not harming the community either and are therefore benign forces. Likewise, someone who wishes to chat with others not because they want to form a meaningful friendship, but solely for the sake of getting off would not inherently be harming the community so long as the people he/she chats with have similar goals, and both parties understand and approve the nature of that relationship.

The harm comes when someone who only wants a sexual experience and nothing more imposes these desires onto members who have different goals in mind for their interactions with other sneeze fetishists. It is important to understand that just because someone has a sneeze fetish does not mean that they are absolutely obsessed with sneezing, or that sneezing is the only thing they will ever want to talk about. Likewise, each of us has are own comfort levels and our own boundaries; just because you are comfortable with something does not mean that someone else will be, and it is important for people to respect each other's boundaries. Not everyone is okay with jumping straight into deep fetish discussions right away, nor is everyone comfortable with the idea of making wavs/videos, sneezing live for people, or talking with online friends on the phone.

Sneeze sharks are harmful parasites because of their blatant disregard for the boundaries and wishes of other members of the sneeze fetish community. Talking to someone who only wishes to talk about sneezing and nothing but sneezing is annoying enough when you're not in the mood to talk about sneezing. When sneeze sharks start making demands for live shows or other things that the member might not be comfortable doing or might not wish to do at that particular time, it can make for a very awkward conversation. And over the years, this kind of behavior has driven away many valued members of the sneeze fetish community.

How can I tell if I am one of those annoying sneeze sharks?

If you want to talk about sneezing and only sneezing with other sneeze fetishists, you might be a sneeze shark, if the people you chat with do not wish to talk about sneezing all the time with you, yet you constantly force the subject on them with little or no regard to their wishes. Making requests for wavs or asking someone to sneeze for you does not necessarily make you a sneeze shark; however, if they say no and you keep pestering them, then that would probably make you a sneeze shark. As long as you respect other people's boundaries and understand that no means no, then you should be fine. I also don't recommend making requests upon your first conversation with someone that they sneeze for you, as that probably won't give them a good first impression of you.

It should be noted that most sneeze sharks (and I may be generalizing here) do not care about the effect their behavior has on the people they chat with, or on the community as a whole. They are either incapable of understanding the fact that they are unpleasant for others to chat with, or they simply do not care. Many are probably of the mentality that this is "just the Internet" and that the people they correspond with are not actually real people behind a keyboard and monitor, and that all of this was simply put together for their own entertainment and gratification.

Unfortunately, by donating wavs to Bondi's Wav Page, you might draw the attention of sneeze sharks, but there are some ways to alleviate the risks of having to deal with this annoyance. Many people donate wavs and request that the name credited to the wav be something different from what their forum names are, or they may simply donate anonymously. You can also donate wavs and have them credited to your forum username, but simply withhold contact information such as email addressses or instant messenger IDs. Remember that any contact information displayed on your Sneeze Fetish Forum user ID is completely voluntary, and I will never give away anyone's email address or instant messenger ID or post them publically on Bondi's Wav Page or anyone else without the user's expressed written permission. Sneeze Sharks still might be able to send you private messages on the forum; however, you can block them from being able to send you private messages for any reason, and it is against Sneeze Fetish Forum policy to open up multiple user IDs for any reason.

I'm being hounded by sneeze sharks and I'm sick of it! What can I do about it?

There are a lot of things you can do. Blocking their instant messenger ID might be helpful, but many sneeze sharks will simply contact you from another ID. Therefore, you should make it known to them under no uncertain terms that they are not welcome to contact you again for any reason whatsoever. If they contact you again after that, then it would be considered harrassment, and you should report their ID and any other information you have on them to their ISP if possible, and should definitely report them to Yahoo!, Skype, AIM, ICQ, or whatever instant messenger service you use. Many fetishists have found that being rude to sneeze sharks can also be helpful, so therefore I recommend that you be as rude, mean, and abusive to them as possible when they contact you, and that you do so with a clear conscience, keeping in mind that these people do not care about you and have absolutely no respect for you whatsover; they only care about their own gratification.

Remember that this community is supposed to be a friendly and supportive place and that each of your online correspondences from here should be pleasant; clearly, if you do not enjoy chatting with someone and they annoy you or make you uncomfortable, then you should feel forced to continue the correspondence with these people. Unfortunately, many members feel guilty about blocking sneeze sharks or being rude to them, because it isn't very nice, and as a result, the sneeze sharks keep coming after them, eventually forcing them to stop signing into instant messenger altogether, or at the very least making their experiences with this community extremely unpleasant, all because they feel guilty about being mean or rude to these parasites.

A lot of sharking takes place in the chatroom of the Sneeze Fetish Forum. If you frequent the chatroom and someone is making you uncomfortable there after having been told to stop, you should notify a member of the Sneeze Fetish Forum Staff immediately and they will deal with the situation appropriately.

I know that sneeze sharks are really annoying, but are they potentially dangerous as well?

As annoying as a sneeze shark might be, and as uncomfortable as they might make you feel, chances are the sneeze shark probably won't pose any physical threat. Nevertheless, as with the rest of the Internet, you should always excercise caution when dealing with people online, as they might not always be who they claim to be, and unless you've been talking to someone online for a really long time and trust that person, I strongly recommend that you don't give out any personal information, such as your full name, address, or phone number, nor should you agree to meet someone unless you are completely comfortable with meeting them.

If you feel that you are being harrassed, there are some sites such as Halt Abuse and Cyber Angels that offer information and support in dealing with online harrassment.